Claim Types

Expertise where it matters

We are restoration and content specialist with our own in house team of licenced plumbers and HVAC, master electricians, skilled carpenters and tilers, expert drywallers and painters and design studio. We also collaborate with top Toronto architects, and engineering firms and partner with the best Recovery and Contents specialists in the industry.

We have ALWAYS recovered MORE for our clients than if they did so alone. It’s a fact, we work for the policyholder, not for the insurance company.

We have the experience, knowledge and dedication to help you with the following types of claims

Water and Flood Damage

One of the most common Claims home or business owners will encounter. A broken or burst pipe. A leaky or faulty appliance can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

Most people find it hard to navigate through confusing policy lingo, but here at Claims Help, we Help you interpret the policy to bring you the maximum allowable benefits. We have an expert team of technicians who handle all aspects of restoration, from emergency clean up to restoration, while our trained staff provide detailed estimates and claim management.

Fire and Smoke Damage

A loss from fire can be devastating and can cause structural issues within your property. You can lose furniture, appliances, documents, and even sentimental items or antiques.

At Claims Help, our contents team will compile a detailed summary list for Replacement Vslues and costs associated with repairing the property. Even if items are outdated, rests assured our team will recover everything that was lost or your policy entitles you.

Sewer Back-Up

Another common claim for Ontario home and business owners is a Sewer Back Up. A broken or displaced drain, a tree root clogging the main drain, are some examples of how small problems can cause massive headache and stress.

These claims can create havoc, cause nasty smells, mold,and not to mention, extensive costs to rebuild your property. We at Claims Help will locate the source and repair the problem. We will install a back-flow check valve, and provide emergency clean up and apply disinfectants . Our experienced reconstruction crew will then take photos and dispose of the damaged property all while making detailed reports.

Mold and Asbestos Damage

Mold and asbestos are hidden dangers that can devastate your health, property and way of life. In most cases, mold is not always visible or obvious, but once detected, quick action is required.

Mold can be caused by other underlying damages such as a plumbing leak, a faulty roof or damage to foundation walls. At Claims Help, we will thoroughly assess your property, provide lab tests and sampling, and provide a detailed estimate so proper abatement can be performed.

At Claims Help, we work for you, and structure each case individually, so having an end goal to retrieve the maximum allowable benefits for your claim. Claims Help will get you full compensation and benefits on what you are entitled to from mold or asbestos damage.

Wind and Hail Damage

If you have ever suffered wind or hail damage, it crucial you contact us prior to contacting your insurance company. Our technicians will attend on site for a free inspection and document all finding on your behalf. This insures that nothing gets missed or overlooked like often the insurance preferred contractors do. We can then take immediate action in making sure your property is safe and structurally sound.We at Claims Help keep you informed at all stages of your claim. It a fact. We recover more money for our clients than anyone else in the industry.

Utilities Negligence

Sometimes a gas or hydro company has to shut down an area or complex for an emergency or maintenance. Other times, utility companies may mistakenly turn off the wrong meter and you could suffer a loss off business or food spoilage.

At Claims Help, we can help recover those costs without going through your insurance provider. If it was not you fault, why should you have a claim against your record. We at Claims Help will strive to attain the maximum allowable compensation. If you did go through your insurance, we can still help. Call us for a free consultation and inspection – we are here for you.