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Are your damaged contents being undervalued?

Claims Help will offer expert advice and provide you with the best strategy on how to maximize your claim. Even if you have an ongoing claim, rest assured we can always help at ANY stage of the claim. Are my contents or valuables covered? Do I have the proper type of insurance? We sort through the grey areas so you don’t have to, and we hold the insurance company accountable.

At Claims Help, we make reading your policy simple. For example; what my policy covers, what are my deductibles and limits, what is or is not covered under my policy.

Cutting through the jargon

Policyholders will find that policies often use technical terms there for the benefit of the insurance company and interpretation is somewhat confusing.

At Claims Help we can sort through the policy language, ensuring you maximize you claim benefit. We get there fast to evaluate and document your damages and begin the process of recovering your money in order for you to begin to repair and replace your property.

Our team of experts have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and taking care of property owners around the GTA. Claims Help will minimize your stress and maximize you claim benefits by sorting through the complexity of insurance claims.