Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go with the insurances preferred contractors or emergency clean up company?

NO. You are legally entitled to choose whomever you wish, and our clients are all glad they chose us first. At Claims Help, we will fix the problem(for free*), clean, disinfect and reconstruct. Before you call you insurance company, call us FIRST. We ALWAYS recover more for our clients than any preferred contractors. That’s a fact! And our customers are thankful, and we are thankful they called us FIRST.

What if I already have an adjuster?

That is great, and you probably now have a claim number. The insurance adjuster assigned to you has the insurance companies best interest in mind and not yours. Then often offer much less than what you can actually expect. At Claims Help, we can help at any stage of your claim. Call for a free inspection and consultation.

What if I take a buyout or settlement?

It is common for people to take a settlement or buyout lump sum. In some cases, the amount that an adjuster will offer is sometimes less than 40% of what the claim could have paid. People panic or get too excited and accept their first offer without realizing they are leaving large sums of money at the table. There is a lot of “grey area” in insurance policies that most people overlook. We at Claims Help have the knowledge and expertise to get you full value , even if you choose a settlement. We will keep you informed every step of the way to negotiate the highest settlement possible.

My claim has been settled, can I recover more money?

Yes. You have up to 2 years from your date of loss to recover more money. At Claims Help, we can reopen your file, and see if you legally qualify to recover additional compensation.

How does Claims Help get compensated?

We do not charge any up front cost to you, the policyholder. Once we settle your claim and you receive your proceeds, we are paid a small percentage of the net settlement. If you choose to have our emergency services and reconstruction crews perform the work, then you pay nothing to us. We employ the best carpenters, licensed plumbers, master electricians, skilled painters, drywall installers, and flooring experts in the industry. We also carry $5,000,000 liability and WSIB. Call us for a free consultation and inspection.

When is the best time to call Claims Help?

When disaster strikes, call us. We will at your property within hours, not days. We will clean and restore your property while giving you peace of mind and knowing you made the right call. Claims Help is here for you, the policyholder and not your insurance provider. You can also call us at any point within your claim, and we can always help no matter what the insurance company advised.

Before you call your insurance, call us first for a free inspection and consultation.

Why do so many policy holders use Claims Help?

Here is what we do:

  • We review your policy.
  • We document your contents and damaged property.
  • Provide detailed estimates.
  • Work with our emergency restoration and contracting team to ensure the work is executed on time and in budget.
  • Substantiate claim with industry experts i.e. ICC.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company.
  • Negotiate content and property storage, and hotel stays and meals.
  • Settle your claim swiftly and achieve the best possible outcome.
How does the claim process work?

When a claim is opened, the insurance company will provide a claim number and is responsible to restore the property as it was prior to the loss. We then preform emergency clean up services, and later our teams will reconstruct the property professionally and on time. No patchwork or multicoloured floors or tiles are acceptable. All items are to match like it was before the claim, you shouldn’t have to settle for less. Policy language is sometimes ambiguous and we have the experience to sift through all the jargon and fine print of your policy so get the maximum benefits.