Homeowner & Residential Insurance Claims

Single biggest investment

Damaged home will have an impact on your life and finances, and can cause anxiety and stress. Homeowners often recover a fraction of what it will cost them to rebuild, and this is because they could not read through the intricate policy lingo and the insurance fine print.

At Claims Help, we are diligent and meticulous, and examine all areas of your home, and can even detect possible hidden damages that the preferred contractors may ignore.

We at Claims Help have the knowledge and experience to create a detailed cost assessment to the insurance, outlining what the policy truly covers, and we restore your property professionally, and get lives back to normal. We assist with hotel accommodations, moving costs and meal expenses.

Cutting through the jargon

Policyholders will find that policies often use technical terms there for the benefit of the insurance company and interpretation is somewhat confusing.

At Claims Help we can sort through the policy language, ensuring you maximize you claim benefit. We get there fast to evaluate and document your damages and begin the process of recovering your money in order for you to begin to repair and replace your property.

Our team of experts have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and taking care of property owners around the GTA. Claims Help will minimize your stress and maximize you claim benefits by sorting through the complexity of insurance claims.